Watch: The Shins, Live at Le Poisson Rouge

At this point lots of respect is owed to James Mercer and friends, as the new Shins lineup is barely a year old and yet they’ve really hit the ground running of late. Sure, they were tight-knit in the studio while appearing right at home in this formation’s first official video, but now they’re here to accomplish the toughest feat for a new group: a full live show, streamed for the world to pick apart online. Following last night’s live webcast, NPR have shared the Shins’ entire 14-song set at NYC”s Le Poisson Rouge. It’s filmed by pros, featuring an excellent set list of new Port of Morrow material alongside old favorites, and simply a great Shins show all-around to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. So, without further ado, check out the video above and set list below.

01 “Kissing The Lipless”
02 “Caring Is Creepy”
03 “Simple Song”
04 “Bait And Switch”
05 “Saint Simon”
06 “It’s Only Life”
07 “September”
08 “New Slang”
09 “The Rifle’s Spiral”
10 “Australia”
11 “No Way Down”
12 “Phantom Limb”
13 “One By One All Day”
14 “Port Of Morrow”