Watch: A Day In The Life with The Fray

Given that we never miss a chance to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the life of a rock band — especially amid the bustle of a new record release — we’re excited that MOG and Sony have provided us with just that in the form of this stellar new video footage of The Fray. What’s more, The Fray’s third LP, Scars & Stories, was produced by one of our favorite studio rats, Brendan O’Brien, who’s helmed the boards for the likes of Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, and too many other notables to list.

Watch below, as the Denver rock quintet set out on a busy day of performing, reaching out to fans, and spreading the word about their latest set. While the long day’s end at the ACE hotel and cramped van ride both offer scenes from what one might imagine from the day in the life of a popular group, the biggest highlight here (and certainly the most endearing moment) is when lead singer Isaac Slade and Co. drop by NYC’s School Of Rock to perform and interact with young fans. At one point, Slade even convinces a student to unleash some seriously promising vocal chops for classmates into the microphone. Prepare to have your heart warmed as the Fray take a break from their own musical journey to inspire a new generation toward rock stardom:

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