Video: Angel Olsen with the Cairo Gang

Every now and then — when Will Oldham takes a break from traveling the world  — we get a chance to hear members of Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s latest live lineup take the stage solo. And given that the debut from Angel Olsen, aka Angela Babbler, hasn’t left our turntable’s side since back in 2010 while solo outings are rare of late, this video that popped up last fall has been the best glimpse at one of those shows for some time. Featuring the Cairo Gang’s Emmett Kelly on harmony vocals and guitar, the tune sounds so timeless that I’ve been digging around for evidence that it’s a cover. Nothing has turned up yet, so suffice it to say for now that if this is a preview of her sophomore effort, we’re in for a real treat. Check it out below:

Strange Cacti is available now on iTunes here.