Video: The Staves – “The Motherlode” (Crypt Sessions)

We’ve heard the Staves’ studio-recorded single as well as their backup harmonies with Fionn Regan, but here’s proof that the English trio are one of the best acts coming out of London’s emerging new-folk movement: “The Motherlode,” a new cut held off their debut Mexico EP, sung live here for an intimate episode of The Crypt Sessions. Not unlike Laura Marling, a fellow Ethan Johns collaborator, sisters Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Stavely-Taylor’s seemingly effortless ability to turn in a perfect vocal performance translates beyond and occasionally exceeds the studio treatment. Johns’ legendary father, Glyn, also recorded tracks for their debut set for later this year, bringing Ryan Adams’ Glyn-assisted 2011 dominance in the acoustic live clip arena to mind, as well.

Needless to say, this clip is a stunning display of talent and is highly recommended to any fan of the aforementioned names or previous Staves praise: