Video: Mark Lanegan: “The Gravedigger’s Song” (Live on KCRW)

It isn’t hard to imagine this new doom-drenched Mark Lanegan single scoring a horror film — as it did in director Alistair Legrand’s official video — but the thought of Lanegan and Co. bringing a mood seemingly summoned from the bowels of hell to KCRW’s well-lit radio studio felt like a stretch. Take his incredibly tight band into account and the fact that Lanegan’s voice perhaps became this damaged in part due to decades of wear on the stage (in addition to the usual unhealthy suspects), however, and the LP’s fatalistic edge doesn’t feel too far from home here. In short, this live version is the spitting image of the record’s, which — given how unsettling that set remains — is a feat in and of itself. Check it out below: