Video: Little Scream feat. Richard Reed Parry: “Boatman”

While Little Scream’s sprawling “Boatman” certainly stood out on their debut LP, The Golden Record, I’d yet to find a version to share online that does justice to live takes witnessed at our own SXSW day party and others last year. Now Laurel Sprengelmeyer has gotten the full troupe together for an excellent kitchen-sink attempt in a bare space big enough to capture the energy of this epic piece. What’s more, the album’s producer, Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire, joined in as the guest drummer along with a full choir. There’s a melting pot of genres at play here —  some of which don’t always get their due in more stripped-down formations of the Sprengelmeyer-led outfit — but everything sounds present and at the fore for this turn.

According to Spinner, the band have dubbed this clip the “Live With The Clavicyclette” in honor of the bike-piano centaur they’ve based the performance on. Without further ado, hop aboard below: