Video: Jimmy Fallon Does Pearl Jam “Jeremy Lin” Parody

Perhaps Jimmy Fallon was inspired by this Bill Simmons mailbag piece from last week, in which he joked that an adaptation of Pearl Jam’s breakout 1992 hit “Jeremy” might make an appropriate soundtrack for a film about the “Linsanity” surrounding the unexpected rise of NBA star Jeremy Lin. Tonight, the Late Night host turned in his latest musical impersonation/pop culture mashup by invoking early ’90s-era Eddie Vedder — complete with long curly locks and moody lighting, of course — as the angst-filled bard to Lin’s inspiring journey toward becoming this year’s greatest underdog hero. Fallon has yet to falter in this department, so it goes without saying that his take on Vedder, viral web culture timing, and impressive vocal chops were all par for the course. Enjoy the replay below: