Video: Idiot Wind Covers The Doors, Waterboys, Kim Wilde

Photo Credit: Sofia Stolpe

Last week, The Tallest Man on Earth took a break from recording his next LP by stepping out under his given name of Kristian Matsson to perform a pair of cover songs on Swedish game show På Spåret. Now his musical partner (and perhaps wife, considering her hyphenated last name in the introduction), Amanda Bergman, has also made an appearance on the show to promote the duo’s forthcoming soundtrack for the film Once A Year.

In keeping with the program’s usual format, Bergman — aka Idiot Wind — mined a few classic radio favorites: the Waterboys’ 1985 single “The Whole of the Moon” and the Doors’ “The End” as a medley with Kim Wilde’s 1981 chart-topper “Cambodia.”

A full-length record building on the promise of her debut EP in addition to those 7 collaborative OST cuts are still of utmost anticipation around here, but in the meantime, here’s a fine preview of the impressively vast vocal range we can expect from Bergman in the future: