Pete Yorn Covers Beach Boys: “Surfer Girl”

While Beach Boys covers should always be approached with caution, I had a good feeling about this one — not to mention it seemed like an opportunity to give last night’s tribute at the Grammys a run for its money. As it turns out, Pete Yorn just might be the guy for the job here: all sun-burnt harmonies with a twinge of ’60s psychedelic garage-rock, Yorn clearly reveres the iconic California group while bringing a welcome dose of his own more affected vocal approach into the mix. All told, it’s an inspired take that feels a bit joyful to boot. Give it a spin:

Per the track’s description, Yorn not only had a similar idea in mind when sharing the recording today as we did in clicking on it, but there’s a teaser for his next release, as well: “Watching last night’s Grammy’s made me wanna share this with you….I recorded this (one of my all time favorite songs) a few months ago as part of a record of cover songs I’m putting together…”