Conor Oberst Documentary, Outtakes Album Announced

We were just revisiting Conor Oberst’s solo work via the Bright Eyes singer’s recent live set in Omaha when along comes an even more extensive trip back to his work with the Mystic Valley Band: One of My Kind, a full-length documentary accompanied by an LP of outtakes from the group’s sessions, will arrive later this spring on Oberst’s own label, Team Love Records. While a previous version of this film was shared online a few years back, today’s announcement notes that this DVD/CD/LP release includes the official final cut. Directed by Philip Schaffart, One of My Kind: The Story of the Mystic Valley Band hits stores on May 15th while pre-orders will be sent out earlier in the month.

As someone who’s seen the earlier version of this film, I can confirm that it provides wonderful insight into not only the formation of the group, behind-the-scenes moments, and their recording work in the studio, but also offers one of most candid looks at Oberst’s creative process we’ve seen to date. In short, it’s well worth the cost of admission for any fan. For a teaser on what’s to come, check out the trailer and tracklist for the outtakes set below:

01. “One of My Kind”
02. “Gentleman’s Pact”
03. “Corina, Corina”
04. “Synesthete Song”
05. “Breezy”
06. “Central City”
07. “I Got the Reason #1”
08. “Phil’s Song (Learn to Stop Time)”
09. “Normal
10. “Kodachrome”
11. “White Shoes (Reprise)”