Bruce Springsteen: “Easy Money”

Bruce Springsteen will not only share each track off his new album, Wrecking Ball, over the next two weeks, but we’ll also be hearing all 11 cuts in the LP’s order. “We Take Care of Our Own,” the opening number, reached our ears the day of the album’s announcement, and now comes the tune that follows: “Easy Money,” a rousing folk-rock stomper with an Irish feel and gospel-meets-country outro. Between this and our first taste it’s looking like the Boss will be playing off a number of genres in the set, which should — at the very least — make this unveiling ending in early March an interesting couple weeks

Preeminent Boss fansite has today’s premiere, with tomorrow’s arriving via Rolling Stone and following locations to-be-announced. Update: Each track will only be available to stream for 24 hours. “Shackled and Drawn” just went live here or below.