Video: Jimmy Fallon as David Bowie / Tim Tebow

The list of beloved rock stars from the 1970s whom Jimmy Fallon has impersonated grew a bit longer this week, as he took on the Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie, with a twist. Perhaps Fallon didn’t choose to channel Bowie completely out of the blue, however, given that the man formerly known as Ziggy Stardust celebrated his 65th birthday this week, not to mention the melding of another figure in recent news to the character: star NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, of the Denver Broncos. Aptly dubbing the performer Tebowie, the Late Night host reworked Bowie’s iconic hit “Space Oddity,” substituting the tale of space travel with Tebow’s oft-discussed role as an outspoken Christian pro footballer.

That said, we won’t describe the tune further and ruin the joke’s main conceit, so you’ll want to check out the clip (and Fallon’s latest hilarious, spot-on impression) above.