Neil Young, Crazy Horse Recording Again

It’s been 16 years since Neil Young and original Crazy Horse members have released an album together (setting aside 2003’s Frank Sampedro-less Greendale), but now the Godfather of Grunge has reconvened the classic lineup for new music and possibly an upcoming tour. Thrasher’s Wheat reports and Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina confirmed that the group already have one record in the can while another set is in the works for a potential 2012 release.

As huge fans of their iconic contribution to rock music — from 1969’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere to a personal favorite 1991 live set called Weld — we’re incredibly excited for this development. That said, as Rolling Stone notes, Young rarely plans too far ahead and the project could shift direction at any moment.

Today’s big news arrived from Young himself at Park City, Utah’s Slamdance Festival, where he and director Jonathan Demme are promoting the final film in their collaborative trilogy, Journeys. While we wait for more details further down the line, join us with a 1978 rendition of “Like A Hurricane” — featuring one of the most influential 6-string solos on this guitarist/writer — below: