Jenny Owen Youngs Debuts “Your Apartment” Video

Jenny Owen Youngs returns next month with her latest LP, An Unwavering Band of Light, a Dan Romer-produced set said to explore more live sounds and “grittier percussion” than her previous estimable efforts. Our first taste, single “Your Apartment,” certainly offers a boost in raw energy — complete with drums present upfront in the mix, hummable hooks galore, and a melodic nod (intentional or otherwise) to Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” in the verses.

In short, this is some fine pop music that we’d imagine will bring a host of new Youngs fans into the fold. What’s more, the tune’s new official lyric video — with its shadowy still-life view of an ambiguous urban setting lit up like an “Open” sign with the song’s glowing words — fits the tone quite well. Get to know the latest cut from one of the more promising emerging singer-songwriters around with the clip below: