Fiona Apple to Release New Music in 2012

Great news: Epic Records chief L.A. Reid just announced that new music from Fiona Apple, which has been in the works since fall of 2010, will arrive “in the next few weeks.” While there’s no word at this time whether the forthcoming release will be a full-length album, EP, or single (Reid left details scant, simply teasing that “good music [is] coming” from Apple), it’s looking like 2012 will be a big year for fans patiently awaiting a follow-up to Apple’s 2005 LP, Extraordinary Machine. Update: A separate spokesperson for Epic Records has clarified that a studio album from Apple will “absolutely be this year, but timing wise, I don’t know exactly when.”

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for a taste of what’s to come, but for now, behold the tweets heard around the world (screencap thanks to FYFA):

For a possible description of the “challenging” songs on Apple’s LP4, revisit quotes from an interview with Apple herself and collaborator/drummer Charley Drayton that we posted many moons ago here.