Video: Fred Armisen Does Thom Yorke Impression

At this point, it seems that no famous musician is safe if they make a blip on the radar of Jimmy Fallon. We’ve seen the Late Night host break out the best Neil Young impression to date, portray Bob Dylan covering the Charles in Charge theme, mimic Jim Morrison, and lampoon a host of other notable rock legends. But what about artists from the modern era? Fallon’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live found him bringing a few more up-to-date impersonations to the table — most notably,¬† Justin Bieber and Sting, along with the debut of Fred Armisen portraying Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

While Yorke remains inimitable in the vocals department, Armisen channeled his jittery dance moves (particularly during the post-Atoms for Peace/The King of Limbs era) with fairly spot-on results. The conceit of the sketch was a Michael Bubl√© duets holiday album, which features a number of notables that various SNL cast members and Fallon could decently imitate: Sting, Ke$ha, Bieber, Kanye West, M.I.A., and others. Check out the replay above (Armisen’s Yorke arrives around the 2:15 mark).