Lana Del Rey, ‘Born To Die’

We’ve heard two cuts off Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming debut LP, Born To Die, both of which — particularly “Video Games” — seemed to cement her status as the next big thing in pop music. Now we have the title track, complete with a sultry teaser video for the forthcoming official clip that reportedly features a live tiger. As for the new tune itself, Del Rey still hasn’t topped “Video Games,” though this memorable gem earns its place among the increasingly competitive run of potential runners-up from the upstart formerly known as Lizzy Grant.

Notably, despite the upcoming tiger cameo, Del Rey and her team have removed some lyrical teeth from a version debuted live earlier this fall — replacing the racier rain-sex chorus for a more radio-friendly “kissing” verb. Perhaps if we’d never heard the edgy original, this edited take wouldn’t seem so reserved. Either way, enjoy the cut —  a fine title track from one of next year’s most anticipated guilty pleasures — above.