Jackson Browne: Occupy Wall Street Song

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Jackson Browne stopped by Zuccotti Park today, becoming the latest in a growing list of famous musicians to support the Occupy Wall Street movement by performing at the protest site. While many of the artists to turn in an inspired appearance so far have revisited their relevant hits, brought back a few ’60s anthems, or simply came out of seclusion, Browne took the opportunity to unveil a brand new song for OWS — perhaps the first candidate for an official Occupy tune.

The odds are that Browne’s song will end up on the forthcoming Occupy This Album tribute compilation, but it might not be the only composition he’s penned in recent days. To wit, this track is so new that he read the lyrics off a handwritten sheet during today’s performance. Either way, the refrain was easy to both recall for the crowd and his friends from Dawes backing up the set: “Come on, come on, come on, if you’re coming. / Which side are you on?” Watch a video of Browne and friends’ rousing take below (via RS):