Christopher Stopa: “Sit Still”

We had a feeling that something was amiss when, earlier this month, a track purported to be an unreleased Radiohead song by the blogosphere and beyond didn’t quite seem to fit the bill. As it turns out, “How Do You Sit Still/Putting Ketchup In The Fridge” — as it was dubbed — is actually a recording by Toronto musician/baker Christopher Stopa. CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront broke the news tonight, complete with an interview with Stopa himself detailing how he stumbled upon his own jam after one of the many “Unreleased Radiohead Song” headlines caught his eye.

The tune in question is titled more simply “Sit Still,” and is now conveniently available as an official stream with the rest of Stopa’s Morris Air EP. Check out CNN’s report and give Stopa his due by revisiting a track that is 100% not Radiohead yet a killer cut nonetheless below: