‘Run Right Back’ by The Black Keys

Last month, the Black Keys unveiled the first single off their forthcoming LP, El Camino, in the form of “Lonely Boy,” an excellent blues-driven, garage rock jam that stirred up a ton of excitement for the record among longtime fans and newcomers alike. While we’ll still have to wait until December to hear the full 11-track set, a B-side, “Run Right Back,” has hit the web to whet our appetites in the meantime.

This one doesn’t have quite as many of the monster hooks that got people drooling over the A-side, but it nevertheless builds on the promise of their latest Danger Mouse-produced effort with plenty of gritty guitar tones, stomping percussion from Pat Carney, and Dan Auerbach’s familiarly soulful, howling vocals. In short, with tunes as good as “Run Right Back” left on the cutting room floor, this record could be their best yet. Hear it above.