Chairlift, ‘Met Before’

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly unveiled a second cut from their forthcoming second LP as Chairlift, Somewhere, today, following up last month’s “Sidewalk Safari” with a new synth-driven gem dubbed “Met Before.” The NYC group also released video treatment for the track “Amanaemonesia” earlier in the year, which brings our total number of promising previews of this effort up to three. All sneak peek’s considered, this collection feels wonderfully fresh so far, complete with unexpected arrangements, memorable melodies, and a diverse array of rhythmic textures that should keep dancefloors at the band’s upcoming gigs packed. We’re looking forward to hearing these tunes in the context of the full album arriving in January, but for now, let’s get psyched with a trio of cuts below:

“Met Before”

“Sidewalk Safari”