Bon Iver, ‘Hinnom, TX’ Video

Bon Iver’s doubly self-titled sophomore LP, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, will be getting the deluxe treatment in a matter of hours, as iTunes is set to re-release the 10-track set along with music videos for each cut tomorrow. A preview of the collection arrived early today, though, when Time Magazine premiered this gorgeous treatment for “Hinnom, TX.” At first glance, it’s just a simple, color-treated clip capturing moments from somebody’s road trip via well-paced slow motion with a poignant effect. But three spins so far today and I must say this thing becomes more gut-wrenchingly beautiful with repetition — recalling my own trips across the country and all the fading yet glorious scenery I’ve passed through while moving forward into a still-unknown future. In short, let’s say it does the song justice quite well, while the longer version of my take just might require a chat amid 4 days of 12-hour drives.

Off we go: