Mazzy Star Announce “Common Burn” / “Lay Myself Down” Single

It’s been over a decade since Mazzy Star have released new material, but the wait is nearly over: On October 31, Hope Sandoval, David Roback, and co. will drop “Common Burn” and B-side “Lay Myself Down,” a 2-track digital release that will mark their first official follow-up to 1996’s “I’ve Been Let Down” single. “There will also be a limited edition color vinyl released on November 8,” reads an official announcement on Sandoval’s site.

You can hear a tantalizingly short snippet of the A-side over at Amazon now, but we’ll let you know as soon as a full cut hits the web. In the meantime, get nostalgic with a 1994 unplugged version of “Fade Into You” below: