Watch: Josh Ritter On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Josh Ritter and his Royal City Band stopped by ABC last night to promote Ritter’s latest LP, So Runs the World Away, by performing a cut off that record and older tune “Kathleen” for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the 8-piece, Bruce Springsteen-endorsed band — complete with saxophone — take on a rousing rendition of “Rattling Locks” below.

In other news, his debut novel, Bright’s Passage, just landed a coveted spot on Oprah’s Summer Reading List. You can catch a preview of the book, which is a western set in the U.S. after World War I, by downloading the first chapter for free on Ritter’s site. Having read the chapter myself, we can safely say that fans of Cormac McCarthy and an imaginary talking horse will enjoy Ritter’s first foray into fiction.

“Rattling Locks”