Video: Stevie Nicks – “For What It’s Worth”

Neko Case and My Morning Jacket paid homage to Stevie Nicks just last week by covering a track from her debut LP, but now the great Fleetwood Mac singer/solo artist is here herself to spread the word about her latest solo effort: In Your Dreams, Nicks’ 7th solo full-length that was released in May and produced by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart (whose new album also features a guest spot by Nicks).

The official “For What It’s Worth” video depicts her new single by taking us along for a ride on Nicks’ tour bus, driving through what looks like Utah (or perhaps Nevada) as she sings the reflective tune while looking out the window alongside Stewart. Everything about this tune — from the nostalgic lyrics to a lead vocal steeped in rock-star veteran mythology — is a seamless trip from a storied past to promising present. While I’d still love to hear another Nicks recording along the lines of “Sara,” there’s no question that her inimitable knack for conjuring timeless, evocative vocal melodies remains as vital as ever. Check out the video above.